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Title: The Roughest Day (Part 1/4)
Fandom: Transformers Prime
Character(s): Sierra (this part; eventual Smokescreen, Knock Out, Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Jack Darby)
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~4450
Warnings: Canon-typical violence.
A/N: This story was inspired by two dangling plot participles from season two of Transformers Prime: Sierra's reintroduction in the opener and the evacuation of Jasper in the finale. It was first conceived after the season 3 episode "Project Predacon" but before the full scope of that arc became clear. Though now completely AU, it remains, I hope, a plausible and enjoyable might-have-been. Crossposted to [community profile] transficsation. Concrit welcomed with a ticket to ride.

          She bears down on the strut with all her weight and will, but it's not enough. The boulder under which it's jammed merely teeters back and forth, taunting her with its stability. She lets up, gasping, then throws herself against the lever once more. Her hands smart where the fluorescent blue liquid oozing from its torn end has soaked through the jacket she wrapped around it and her ears ring with the din of battle rising out of the gorge below: reports as loud as cannon fire and the crash of metal into metal like a fifteen — no, five hundred car pile-up on the highway.

          She's running out of time to make this work.

          Panic chews at her nerves. Damn it, she has a fulcrum and a place to stand and it's not the world she needs to move, just this one huge, heavy, dirty, stupid rock! She heaves at it again, teeth gritted together, breath whistling in her nose, and feels the strut bow slightly under the strain.

          The boulder has to move. It has to.

          Because if it doesn't, she's dead.

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