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In re the Ongoing LiveJournal Redesign Kerfuffle, [staff profile] denise has a fascinating analysis of what's afoot from the social media design standpoint, here. I'm intrigued.
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The latest "update" of LiveJournal convinced me that it was time to do a general port of my journal from there to Dreamwidth. I'll keep my presence on LJ until my entire flist is gone, but I figure it's good to have a backup, just in case. Now, if I can just get out of this writing funk I'm stuck in and develop some new content ...
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So I've updated my layout, mostly because I wanted a tag cloud; it's handy. I was also poking around in the FAQ structure and realized that I could twiddle a few more things than I'd thought. So here's the new and improved Forsan et haec. The color scheme appears to work with all my icons, though I miss having them to the right of the text. Ah, well: beggars (or content-providers-only) can't be choosers. Besides, I suspect most of my readers are clicking straight through to individual entries, which I've left in plain form, anyway, so it's likely that no one will notice the difference but me.

ETA: The incomparable [ profile] ishte has shown me how to get my icons to display on the right. Woot!
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Now, this is hysterically funny. You don't have to have worked a help desk or studied the scroll-to-book transition to agree with me, either.

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