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Congratulations to my f-list -- specifically [ profile] lyrangalia (first place, Divergence), [ profile] artemisrae (third place, "Everything I've Ever Had") and [ profile] cornerofmadness (members' choice, "A Better Fate") -- for taking three of four places in the Fullmetal Alchemist category at this year's UFO Awards! You guys rock!

Further congrats to [ profile] lyrangalia for her second place ribbon in the Dresden Files category, with "The Greatest of These". Wear 'em both proudly!

Go me for getting third in the TRC category, too. Confounded fanon shippers, ignoring all the really good stuff among the ATLA entries, grumble, mutter ... everybody go read "In Our Bedroom After the War", which should've gotten tagged, growl, gripe ...
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Title: Drabble: Suspicious Characters
Fandom: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character(s): Fai, Kurogane
Pairing(s): None.
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Warnings: None.
A/N: Crossposted from [ profile] nebroadwe to [ profile] tsubasarc and [ profile] clampfiction.
Dedication: For [ profile] kanja177. The day can only get better.

      This world is securely (or at least visibly) policed by red-uniformed men whose badges and vehicles bear the words HERE TO SERVE AND PROTECT in large letters. Read more... )
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[ profile] kanja177 and I have been poking around the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle fandom these past couple of weeks in search of well-written gen-fic -- no, really, it does exist, though not in great quantity. For example, [ profile] one_go_alone delves fruitfully into Fai's backstory in the plotfic Porcelain. (I'm also fond of this writer's short story "Family," a Kurogane-centric character piece that's just gen enough -- subtext is everyone's friend.) Another plotfic worth reading, though sadly unfinished and likely to remain so, is [ profile] iridaceaena's Fleur-de-Lis -- its three chapters only just manage to set up the plot problem, but the character interactions are delightful. Saulie's short story "Tea at Four" lacks a little in execution, but presents an interesting character moment between Fai and Kurogane. Similarly, [ profile] gisho put together a fascinatingly brief TRC/Narnia crossover, "What Would Have Followed" that IMO begs for a longer treatment to take full advantage of its base concept's power, but even as a sketch it's wonderfully creepy. Klitch unfortunately loses sight of the larger setting of hi/r story "Telling Stories" while focusing on the back-and-forth between Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona, but that back-and-forth has a substantial payoff, so I can't gripe too much. Serenphoria pulls a well-characterized, back-to-the-wall Fai out of the Infinity arc; some insightful attention to detail gives "Breathe, Infinity" great bite. (Heh.) Alexi Moonshine, in her short story "That Would Be Alright, Wouldn't It?" tries with some success to get inside Sakura's head during the Infinity arc -- having spent time wrestling with Sakura's POV in the much less fraught Piffle Arc myself ("Golden In the Mercy of His Means"), I can definitely appreciate the effort (though my orthographic prescriptivism rises up to howl over the use of "alright" for "all right"). Finally, [ profile] lazulisong tells the story of Syaoran's arrival at the court of Clow in a sweet little ficlet, "Smile".

So far, so good. I might have to put the question to [ profile] tsubasarc to see if there's more. There ought to be ...
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Title: Golden In the Mercy of His Means
Fandom: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character(s): Sakura, Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona
Pairing(s): None explicit; Sakura/Syaoran if you squint.
Rating: G
Word Count: ~3600
Warnings: None. Set the day before chapter 70.
A/N: This story began as a way to get to the punch-line of the amusing bit, but quickly became an opportunity for me also to explore the first questions I asked when I picked up TRC: How many memories to a feather? How many feathers to a soul? Concrit welcomed with Galas and Granny Smiths. Crossposted from [ profile] nebroadwe to [ profile] tsubasarc, [ profile] sakurafans and [ profile] clampfiction.
Dedication: For Katie, dear friend and fellow fan, because you asked for it.

And nothing I cared, at my sky blue trades, that time allows / In all his tuneful turning so few and such morning songs / Before the children green and golden / Follow him out of grace. )
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CLAMP, Tokyo Babylon 1-2 (tr. Ray Yoshimoto, Alexis Kirsch and Carol Fox)
Read more... )
岩永 亮太郎 [Iwanaga Ryotaro], Pumpkin Scissors 2 (tr. Ikoi Hiroe)
Read more... )
CLAMP, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 16 (tr. William Flanagan)
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Is it just me?

In reading reviews of the Tsubasa Chronicle anime, I keep running into people who think that the manga's Jade arc was over-long, dull, badly constructed and off-putting. Which surprises me because it was that very arc which sold me on Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle -- I had picked up the first few volumes because I'm a Cardcaptor Sakura fan; kept going because the art was pretty and Del Rey's translations were wonderfully professional; but didn't really invest in the story until Sakura woke up in that dungeon and figured out how to break herself free. Maybe I was waiting for her to take a more active role in the plot. Maybe I'm a sucker for fairy tales (I taught courses on them, after all). Maybe I appreciated the fact that the Jade story was being carried by atmosphere, investigation and dialogue rather than by action sequences (which, I admit, I sometimes have trouble following in manga, regardless of the talents of the artist. I'm just more used to reading words than pictures, I guess.). De gustibus non est disputandum, of course, but it surprises me that my gustis on this point is so far out of the apparent mainstream. (I'm almost alone in being bored by the Shara/Shura arc, too, though I've grown to appreciate it more lately; it improves a bit on rereading. Fortunately, everyone -- including me -- seems to enjoy the Oto story. Phew.)

Anyone else enjoy watching Syaoran read while riding? :-) I can't be the only one ...


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