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A contractor has come and gone, and I am left with an enormous mechanical symbiote attached to the furnace. Theoretically it will simply pump much-needed moisture into the air, but it's got so much inherent personality that I keep imagining it's sending subliminal messages through the ductwork (e.g. "We are Humidifier of Borg. Aridity is futile. You will be saturated.") But as long as the dang thing keeps my mucous membranes happy, I am happy to welcome our new HVAC overlords.
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I stumbled across an Avatar/ST:E crossover today, which was sadly uninspiring ... except to make me think that someone needs to write an Avatar/ST:TOS crossover in which Sokka meets Spock --
      "So, you're saying that we could take out the Fire Lord with a well-aimed whatchamacallit -- phaser -- set on stun?"
      "That would be the logical course of action."
      "'Logical.' You hear that, Katara? Logic. Man, I LOVE this guy!"
-- someone other than me. I've got enough plotbunnies. I could never write Spock properly. Forget I even mentioned it.
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Sniggled from [ profile] evil_little_dog:
If you see this, post a quote from Star Trek in your journal.
All righty, then:
Worf: [on Klingon physiognomy, then and now] It is a long story. We do not discuss it with outsiders.
I get the impression that Klingons do not write fanfiction ...
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Sniggled from everywhere:
Which Star Trek character am I? )
What scares me here is that I seem to be only two or three different answers away from "An expendable red-shirt." Brrr ...
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Jim MacDonald on a truth of small-town living in certain parts of the United States (such as the one where I grew up):
So this stranger comes to a small town, and he’s talking with one of the locals, and he says, "I bet this is the kind of place where folks don’t even lock their cars."

"Nope," says the local. "Everyone’s very careful to lock up in summer."

"Why’s that?"

"'Cause if you don’t, you’ll find your car is full of zucchini."
Recipe for iconic summer treat follows here.

In other news, [ profile] kanja177 points me to the LOLCAT recension of a Classic Star Trek episode. Don't miss it!
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This is so full of win it's impossible for me to describe it, so may I simply present a link to
The Trouble With Tribbles
Edward Gorey
as imagined by [ profile] shaenon : "On Thursday, Lieutenant Uhura brought the first one on board ... "


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