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Title: Drabble: Wildered With Reading
Fandom: FMA (manga version)
Character(s): Ed, Winry
Pairing(s): None. For reasons that will become obvious ...
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Warnings: None.
A/N: The title for this one comes from Henry Augustin Beers's sappy poem, "On a Miniature" and the inspiration from rereading the slightly overwrought prose of Baroness Orczy's Scarlet Pimpernel (though the heroine thereof is less inclined to faint than rush off to save the hero, thank goodness). Concrit welcomed with vouchers for Almack's. Crossposted from [ profile] nebroadwe to Höllenbeck (i.e. [ profile] hagaren_manga, [ profile] fm_alchemist, [ profile] fma_gen, [ profile] fma_writers and [ profile] fma_fiction).

And he wonders why she reads romances ... )
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... because I don't want to forget how much fun it was, even if I'm not satisfied with how I played Al. (As in, seriously not satisfied. But still ...)
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Sniggled from [ profile] evil_little_dog:
Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me your favorite thing/person/season/taste/whatever. It can only be one word. No more.

I'll use your word to write you something. It could be a one-sentence, a drabble, or a fic.

Then copy & paste this in your journal so that I may leave a word about for you.
What the hey. I need something to do besides invent backstory for the Pumpkin Scissors universe (why does someone have all the biographies of Gouverneur Morris checked out? I suppose his papers will suffice me, but I'd like to have some context first ...)
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I stumbled across an Avatar/ST:E crossover today, which was sadly uninspiring ... except to make me think that someone needs to write an Avatar/ST:TOS crossover in which Sokka meets Spock --
      "So, you're saying that we could take out the Fire Lord with a well-aimed whatchamacallit -- phaser -- set on stun?"
      "That would be the logical course of action."
      "'Logical.' You hear that, Katara? Logic. Man, I LOVE this guy!"
-- someone other than me. I've got enough plotbunnies. I could never write Spock properly. Forget I even mentioned it.
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] evil_little_dog! In honor of the day, Edward Elric and I present the following tanka:
"Just here for the food!"
Loitering beside the cake
As the candles burn,
He won't let you blow them out,
The youngest State -- Arsonist?
Ed claims there's an age joke in there, but I think he's just kidding himself ...

Many happy returns of the day!


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