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This is the most fantastic performance of a Beethoven piece I have ever seen:
(I'd be the little kid on top of the lamppost, conducting away.) Sniggled from Sacnoth's Scriptorium. Share and enjoy!
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I was not having any fun today, but this (sniggled from the ever awesome folks at Making Light) is completely awesome:Read more... )
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Yes, and the sky is blue and water is wet. Moving on ...

Things are looking up. A replacement round of umpty-tumpty dollars worth of Christmas presents was successfully delivered yesterday and, buoyed by this, I was able to clean the small bedroom and the living room in anticipation of guests for this weekend and next. Only the bathroom and kitchen are left. I can do this! I even have theme music! (Sort of ... a random assortment of singles collected on my computer, from They Might Be Giants' rendition of "Istanbul" to Melody Gardot's "Who Will Comfort Me?" via ReliantK's remix of "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and "Title of the Song" by Da Vinci's Notebook. I'm not sure what I'd play for myself as a leitmotif -- any suggestions?)

Ongoing comment-rp is still ongoing. And I finished Venetia and moved on to a reread of The Masqueraders (which I then promptly bequeathed to Winry in the rp, because every continuum needs a Georgette Heyer-equivalent. Also, the hero is short, blond, handsome, a master swordsman ... and spends the bulk of the story cross-dressing. So does the tall, intelligent, calm heroine. It's a masterpiece, really.). Having finished that, I took up Polly Shulman's Grimm Legacy, a YA about a page at the New York Circulating Materials Repository, a library for artifacts both mundane and magical. The page has just left her sense of direction as a security deposit in order to borrow a mermaid's comb and is having the expected difficulties. Also, someone is absconding with magical items from the Grimm Collection and the pages have been warned to be on the lookout for suspicious activity ... Amusing so far; I may pick up Shulman's earlier high-school Jane Austen homage, too.
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I'm always falling in love with obscure Celtic bands that scream across my radar and then vanish. Read more... )


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