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Okay, here we go: live-commenting the two-part Legend of Korra season finale as downloaded from iTunes! (Okay, and subsequently editing the comments to actually say something coherent, rather than just Wow! Eek! Nnngh!)

"Skeletons in the Closet" -- that's not an ominous title or anything.

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Well, that was great fun! Now I can marathon the whole thing in reruns while I wait for Nickelodeon to schedule season two (and pick up a season three? Please? Please? Not to mention RELEASE A SOUNDTRACK, DAGNABIT!).
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Well, that was appropriately epic.

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Next week, the finale ... [pads chair against tenterhooks]
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This week on The Legend of Korra ... another show I like fridges a female character. Sigh.

I was mildly spoiled for this week's big reveal by the Spoilers ho! )

Still looking forward to next week, because I know that once the production staff gets all its ducks in a row, the resulting grand finale is going to blow my doors off ...

ETA: A colloquial analysis with pictures of the ship-nuttery WRT Asami and why it's problematic.
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This week's episode of The Legend of Korra seems to have been a touch controversial ... Spoilers ho! )
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Friday's Word Count:
202 (c. 1, draft, plus 1 page of backbone [not counted] for the dream sequence from c. 2)
Saturday's Word Count:
0 (c. 1, draft, plus two pages of backbone [not counted] for c. 1, sc. 3 and a complete dialogue backbone [not counted] for a Legend of Korra shortfic, tentatively titled "Keeping Up Appearances")
Sunday's Word Count:
1255 (c. 1, draft); 100 (draft of a Dark Oracle drabble, tentatively titled "Disprized Love")
Sample Text:
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This weekend's work brings me to the end of scene three of four in chapter one. Backboning things out first does seem to help me keep the exposition down -- I've pushed a lot of stuff off into future chapters rather than dump it all here, which can only help.
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I have a new OTP:

That Darling Hat!

Korra/cloche hat. It doesn't quite displace Iroh/tea, but it's awfully close.
nebroadwe: (Bear) has a teaser moment from the upcoming Legend of Korra episode available, and it's a winner:

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A kidnapping plot already? I love kidnapping plots ... and it's also encouraging to see the main antagonists worming their way into the protagonists' lives so early (though, if I had to guess, I'd suspect Bolin of being in the wrong place at the wrong time here and not necessarily the focus of the original scheme). Must make cake this evening for Korra Day tomorrow!

ETA: I was right. Wrong place, wrong time ... fortunately, no one messes with Mako's little brother.
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I've been following Bryan Konietzko's Tumblr for a while now, both for the tidbits about production on The Legend of Korra and the sheer entertainment value. So I would like to call attention to this "anything you can do, I can do better!" exchange of drawings between Konietzko and fellow A:TLA/Korra production veteran Joaquim dos Santos in honor of the Korra premiere:
A little touch of Naga ...

"Joaquim's is much better than mine ..."

"Now we're twinsies! ... I don’t share her taste for musicals, but she is a fan of Cabaret."
Share and enjoy!
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So here's me, live-blogging the premiere of The Legend of Korra. WHEE! I AM SO TERRIBLY EXCITED TO SEE THIS!

Aang and Zuko must have let Sokka name Republic City. Just saying.

"Book One: Air." Woot! (Implying ... at least a second book? Pleasepleaseplease!)

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Can't wait for next week! [ profile] kanja177 is coming up to watch with me and our younger compatriots L and N. We will have such a good time! (I'm going to make a cake. This occasion deserves cake.)


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