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I never got into the whole Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons crossover thing. I like all those canons individually, but mixed together ... eh.

And then I saw that Tobu Ishi, one of my all-time favorite FMA writers (and probably my first fandom writing crush; dear heaven, s/he can drabble), had a new story up: Victorious Children, which is a Rise of the Braved Tangled Dragons 'fic ...

... set in the Hunger Games universe.

And it works.

This has everything to do with Tobu Ishi's fantastic grasp of characterization and narrative voice and the kind of fanficcer's inventiveness that sees exactly how to take a set of characters out of their established plot and set them down in a new one that's just as entertaining. Did I say entertaining? How about gripping, amusing, startling and plangent by turns? Each chapter is a more or less self-contained vignette that together add up to one heck of a story.

And not enough people are reading it. So here's my recommendation: give it a shot. The odds are in your favor ...
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Title: Fifteen Kennings For "Woman": A Sequence
Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon (filmverse)
Character(s): Astrid, with cameos by most of the main cast, human and otherwise
Pairing(s): Astrid/Hiccup
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1500
Warnings: None
A/N: This started out as one drabble -- one! -- about how Astrid doesn't find "girl" to be a limiting role because it encompasses so much. That led me to look at kennings for "woman" in Norse poetry, which led me to, well, this sequence and all its footnotes. I was an academic before ever I wrote 'fic. Concrit welcomed with a mug of small beer and a hunk of goat cheese.

1. The Young Pine of Ribbons

      Phlegma puts Astrid's hair in pigtails for the Midsummer Thing, tying them off with pretty red ribbons. Astrid preens until Snotlout rings her head like a bell and the twins make it the rope for tug of war. By the time she chases down skinny Hiccup to recover the ribbon he snitched, she's had it. She hides behind the sheep shed to unravel the braids and pull her hair into a ponytail, then spends the rest of the Thing biting any hand that touches her.

      Which is why Berk's Midsummer peace thereafter names teeth among the weapons under its ban.

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Things are still rotten here: the downstairs landlord, having installed the best filter Home Depot can supply on his furnace [HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER], refuses to do anything else, says I should negotiate with the smoking tenant [MORE HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER], and declares his readiness to rent to smoking tenants in future [OKAY, I'M CRYING NOW]. I've had another talk with my HVAC company and finally got a tech to come out and actually look at the situation under the guise of writing me an estimate for a solution I was pretty sure wasn't going to work. He agreed and suggested a cheaper alternative that probably won't solve the problem, but might go a little way toward mitigating it. I think I have no choice but to sell and move now, but I'm going to try to stick it out till next fall when the current tenant's lease expires, in the hope that a) he might leave; and b) a nonsmoker might move in after all. Who's the patron saint of good neighbors?

That said, I'm still enjoying How To Train Your Dragon and ponied up for an iTunes subscription to Dragons: Riders of Berk which is less complex but cheerful and charming (and, for a weekly cartoon, surprisingly well-animated; Green Lantern should take note, except they've been cancelled, boo hiss). "Fifteen Kennings For 'Woman'," my Astrid-centric drabble sequence, is fourteen-fifteenths drafted and seven-fifteenths posted up to and AO3, where people seem to like it. Yay! Also, Hotel 13 came off winter break this week, which means only one more week until I get to see what comes of the cliffhanger from which our heroes were left dangling back in December. From the promotional stuff, it looks like this is going to be a fun ride.

And I, too, fear this is only the beginning ...
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I'm not quite sure what it is about How To Train Your Dragon that re-engaged my muse, but I've finished one story, am in the middle of a drabble sequence (working title: "Fifteen Kennings for 'Woman'" -- I'm going cross-eyed over Old Norse for the first time in nearly two decades) and have two other 'fic ideas scribbled down as notes on paper (one about Fishlegs getting concussed in training and spouting stats about his fellow trainees when he comes to, the other about Hiccup and Toothless encountering the Wild Hunt). I mean, I'm not going to complain, here, but wow, this is unexpected. It also means the house isn't getting cleaned and I'm eating a lot of canned soup, because I sit down at the computer for an hour after dinner and get up four hours later to go to bed. Art/life balance? What art/life balance?

I hope the godchildren I'll be kidsitting this weekend are up for a round of "Hey, let's all be quietly creative today!" One of them draws, at least ...
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Title: Cry Havoc
Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon (filmverse)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Stoick, Gobber, and a dragon-keeper who should have known better ...
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1650
Warnings: None
A/N: Thank goodness I have godchildren to introduce me to fandoms I might otherwise have missed; How To Train Your Dragon is a wonderful piece of work and that wailing sound you hear is me lamenting the fact that I missed seeing it in a theater. So here's a deleted scene from late in the movie, because Hiccup doesn't give up that easily and Stoick doesn't have enough to do to keep himself from thinking. Concrit welcomed with Freyja's sniffles (because if you're expecting tears in this economy, you should think again, bud!).
Dedication: This is for Luci and Noël, whose taste is unerring, and for Katie the Elder, who correctly coined the term "nose-head" to describe Toothless's snout.

Beowulf maðelode, beotwordum spræc
niehtstan siðe: "Ic geneðde fela
guða on geogoðe; gyt ic wylle,
frod folces weard, fæðe secan,
mærðu frimman, gif mec se mansceaða
of eorðsele ut geseceð."

Beowulf, lines 2510-2515

      Stoick was planning a war.

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