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Things are still rotten here: the downstairs landlord, having installed the best filter Home Depot can supply on his furnace [HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER], refuses to do anything else, says I should negotiate with the smoking tenant [MORE HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER], and declares his readiness to rent to smoking tenants in future [OKAY, I'M CRYING NOW]. I've had another talk with my HVAC company and finally got a tech to come out and actually look at the situation under the guise of writing me an estimate for a solution I was pretty sure wasn't going to work. He agreed and suggested a cheaper alternative that probably won't solve the problem, but might go a little way toward mitigating it. I think I have no choice but to sell and move now, but I'm going to try to stick it out till next fall when the current tenant's lease expires, in the hope that a) he might leave; and b) a nonsmoker might move in after all. Who's the patron saint of good neighbors?

That said, I'm still enjoying How To Train Your Dragon and ponied up for an iTunes subscription to Dragons: Riders of Berk which is less complex but cheerful and charming (and, for a weekly cartoon, surprisingly well-animated; Green Lantern should take note, except they've been cancelled, boo hiss). "Fifteen Kennings For 'Woman'," my Astrid-centric drabble sequence, is fourteen-fifteenths drafted and seven-fifteenths posted up to and AO3, where people seem to like it. Yay! Also, Hotel 13 came off winter break this week, which means only one more week until I get to see what comes of the cliffhanger from which our heroes were left dangling back in December. From the promotional stuff, it looks like this is going to be a fun ride.

And I, too, fear this is only the beginning ...
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Title: Hotel 13: The Adventure Begins
Chapter: 1 (of 20)
Original Author: Claudia Weber, based on the scripts for the television series "Hotel 13" by Dennis Bots, Koen Tambuyzer, Jasper Beerthuis, Elke De Gezelle, Bjorn Van den Eynde, Catherine Baeyens, Hans Bourlon and Gert Verhulst
Rating: G
Word Count: ~2085
Warnings: This translation is not authorized by the copyright holders in any way. Copyright for the original work remains with Studio 100 Media GmbH and credit for the text with the original author. This translation is solely for personal language practice and enjoyment. It may not be copied or redistributed in any form. (If you're reading this and aren't me, keep it quiet so we can continue to Have Nice Things!)
A/N: Welcome to my newest fandom! Hotel 13 is a European children's SF television series by the people who produced Het Huis Anubis/Das Haus Anubis. This is my translation of the junior novelization, which I decided to produce as a challenge to my language skills and a sneaky way of getting non-German/Dutch/Norwegian/Swedish/Finnish-speakers of my acquaintance interested in this property. (I lay good odds that it gets an English recension eventually, but we'll see ...)
Dedication: This is for Luci, whom I hope to turn into a fan.

Chapter One: The Mysterious Postcard

This message is my last hope. Only one person in the world can help me -- you! Say nothing to anyone, especially not to Richard. It's a matter of life and death! In eight years make your way to Hotel 13. Search for the chest. Find room 13. )


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