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Oh, yes: must make pumpkin pie and panna cotta before leaving for work ...

ETA: This entry was formulated one hour and sixteen minutes after I actually arose and began baking. Which explains why I had to defrost the pie crust in front of the oven vent.
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Words of wisdom from [ profile] dornbeast, over here:
Zucchini is to food what bagpipes are to music.

Used carelessly, it will make the dog run away. Handled expertly, it will leave you wanting more.
Amen and amen.
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I enjoy cooking up to a point -- I get intimidated by recipes that require specialized tools or ingredients, or that begin, "First, joint your hare ..." And I don't usually innovate; I'm happiest following somebody else's tried and true solution. That said, I wanted to make Welsh Rabbit, but I didn't have any beer and didn't know where to go to buy just one bottle instead of a six-pack. (Not a beer-drinker, me.) So I had to improvise and, fortunately, the results were favorable:

Recipe under the cut ... )
The nice thing about this variation of Welsh Rabbit is that it leaves over in the fridge into a tasty cheese spread. Mmmm.
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Now that I've finished cleaning the garage (what a way to spend New Year's, but it needed doing and having the day off gave me sufficient time to do it -- and I did resist the impulse to make a bucket of Murphy's-and-water and clean the steps and common hallway, too. It's enough to have swept up and resolved to keep sweeping on a regular basis ... but I digress), laid out another page or two of "Winry and Paninya go to the movies" (which is by golly getting finished this year -- it's sat around meeping for attention long enough), cooked dinner and turned on the football so it can mutter pleasantly in the background, it's time to think about food for Twelfth Night. We'll probably just subsume it into the usual Sunday dinner this year, but were I called upon to provide dessert and could talk [ profile] kanja177 into bringing only her chocolate icebox cake, I'd probably make this: Not your mother's rice pudding behind the cut ... )I found this recipe floating around the Internet and snagged it because it allowed me to use up the last of the dried brown rice I bought for the Christmas party and some eggs that needed to be cooked right now ... or else and didn't require anything else I don't normally keep in the pantry. Nor did it involve any complex cuisinary maneuvers. I enjoy cooking, but my favorite recipes are the eeeeeaasy ones.

ADDENDUM: Note to the music faculty at the University of Illinois -- there is no way to adapt "Stairway to Heaven" for performance by a marching band. Ye gods. (And I thought nothing could top "Theme from Chariots of Fire" by a pipe-and-drum corps for mismatch between matter and mode. Silly me.)


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