Apr. 20th, 2013

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Here I am again, making irritated noises on discovering that yet another animated series I like, Transformers: Prime, is going POOF! off The Hub after a shortened third season. This after Cartoon Network canceled Greg Weisman's Young Justice after its second season (which was act two of a three-act arc -- and now I'll never know how the story would have ended, argh, argh, argh), along with Bruce Timm's Green Lantern, which I'd been iffy about overall but enjoyed enough to watch when I got the chance. The Thundercats reboot also failed to survive, which is more of a grief to my friend [profile] ravensnow than to me (I wanted to like it ...), but I must admit that I find this trend of cancellations ... disturbing. All of these shows were SF action dramas with long-term plots; most of them seem to have been replaced by episodic action comedies. To which my response is a deep groan and a turn back to watching anime, where SF action dramas with long-term plots aren't box office poison. And, yes, fortysomething women aren't the target market for CN, The Hub, Nick, et al., but I'd like to point out two things:
a) My taste for SF action dramas with long-term plots developed when I was in elementary school; and
b) I was hooked on several of these shows by fen who are part of the target market.
I wish that more people (or at least studio executives) shared my tastes in storytelling, because it's getting really irritating to settle in to a good plot with nice characterization that's pitched at a YA audience and have the whole thing shut down short of its proper conclusion. The only reason I'm not giving Dragons: Riders of Berk the side-eye at this point is because it's aimed at a younger audience and can ride the coat-tails of the theatrical films. By contrast I'm ever more pessimistic about the chances of Legend of Korra managing to air all four of the miniseries its creators say they have planned. Are those of us, young and old, who like animated arc storytelling really such a minority that we can't support a show or two while everyone else is watching the episodic stuff? Do we need to rise up and revolt? Who's with me?


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