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Wow, this show is the co-coolest thing in the history of ever. It's got some good 'fic, too.

Not enough, though ...

Wouldn't it be interesting if ... no, no, not going there. I can't write for this one; it's been around since my childhood and there's too much canon.

All right, maybe if I just wrote from the POV of this viewer-surrogate character who's exclusive to the current incarnation of the story and doesn't know all the backstory. Just a between-episodes one-scener.

Hey, why did they bring back that side character from season one in the season two opener and then drop her? She's such a dangling plot participle now. I wonder what would happen if she ended up back in the main plot after the apocalyptic season two finale ...

No, no, no.


Okay, at least she knows even less about what's going on than the character I already used for a tight-third POV. Ooh, and I can write the snark-off between those other two characters that really should have already happened in canon. Surely that will reconcile me to the need to block not one, not two, but three separate action sequences.

This one's getting long.

OMG OMG OMG what they just did with that character in the latest episode was SQUEE! Must write about what happens between this episode and the next! Okay, sure, he's got tons of canon backstory, but I can fudge it. There's a Wiki and everything.

Someone drew me a picture. COLLABORATOR LOVE.

And she wants to know what happens next in the big story. Back to the action sequences: one down, two to go. Snark-off needs work. Boy, this feels like the beginning of an AU season three ...

No. No. NO. What are you, insane? Besides, the POV character from that story wouldn't be in the A-plot of the next episode; her troubles adjusting to the new normal would be the B-plot. And you'd have to write some of it from the POV of Incredibly Wise Character With Millennia of Canon Backstory. Even C.S. Lewis balked at writing a guardian angel.

Besides, it would be much more fun to write the third episode and bring back those defeated season-two bad guys under new management ...

Did I just think that? Yes, I did. Oh, look, there's half-a-plot already. And another action sequence, oh joy.

Not to mention that there is a way to write that second episode B-plot as a standalone, if you can just get over the whole Font of Wisdom problem. Something like this, maybe ...

Oh, look. You just got over it. You idiot.

Sigh. Make the notes. You can always file them with all the other unfinished projects in the drawer. Right now you should get back to work on the current piece. That action scene won't write itself.

No, really, it won't.

Why are you even thinking about that other character? Granted, he's got a traumatic history -- and you know he wouldn't have just rolled over when the villain got his hooks into him ... there's at least one scene's worth of dramatic tension there ...

Look, whatever you do, don't tell the Art Collaborator about this one. She's still waiting for the next installment of the big unfinished story. Though I suppose a snippet of hero-versus-villain badinage from this one might serve as an excuse for the delay.

Make that two snippets.

Oh, NYARGH, no. What are you even doing in this part of the timeline? It's all backstory! The canon for that comes from the video games, for Pete's sake!

Which are covered by the Wiki. Drat.

Ha! That's not how it happened! Your idea comes pre-Jossed! You'd be totally AU!

Shame to waste all that badinage, though. Ooh, look, a notebook. And I love this pen.

Why are these notes turning into a first draft?

I suppose there's no point in mentioning that you are now hip-deep in a canon of which you have only an imperfect grasp and are attempting to write a story about not one, not two, but three of its most iconic characters? Two of them in tight third?

Wait a minute. Is that ... is that a theme? Are those symbols? Good grief. Where did this meditation on the use and abuse of power come from? Some of it even sounds ... profound.

Oh, dear.

You're going to have to redraft the badinage, you know, if you let things get serious.

Let? Since when have I been in control of any of this? I give up. Lay it on me, o Muse; I know when I'm beaten.

(I wonder if anyone else will be interested? Maybe if the Art Collaborator draws another picture ...)


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